FTP Information

    FTP is the protocol/software you use to upload your files to your new webspace. If you've never used FTP before, read this FTP tutorial.

    Your FTP Hostname will be your_subdomain.SexiestServer.com

    Your FTP Username is the same as the Sub-domain.

    Your FTP Password is of course the Password you chose for that particular sub-domain. Keep in mind that you can set a different Password for each sub-domain in your Webmaster Site Management Console.

    FTP Port is 21.


  Webmaster Affiliate Programs

    Ad Programs: You put their banners or text links on your website and they pay you fat commissions. We recommend the following Webmaster Affiliate Programs:

    • Top Bucks: $40 per signup, 80% recurring commission, over 60 niche sites to promote, and tons more.

    • Nasty Dollars is kicking ass with their reality based sites. Maybe you've seen the ads for "Captain Stabbin's Anal Adventures", or "Mikes Apartment", or "Street Blowjobs". Well, they're still converting like crazy, and Nasty Dollars continues to turn out killer-converting reality sites. And at $35.00 per signup you'll want to jump on board and make some fat cash.

    • WEGCash: Over 135 sites covering every imaginable niche. Free E-mail program. Penis enlargement program. This place has it all, the payouts are great, and their stuff converts.

    TGP: TGP stands for Thumbnail Gallery Post. There are plenty of variations on the theme, but basically they are a list of links to image galleries which have been submitted by Webmasters. The Webmaster hosts the gallery and puts some banners on it. TGP traffic is pretty hard to convert. After all, these people know where to find free porn. If you are a good salesman and are persistant it can pay off though, so don't overlook it entirely. One example of a TGP is Alien Sex TGP.



  • Free Content: SexiestServer.com provides high-quality free content to our webmasters to use on their SexiestServer.com websites. The free content is available when you login to your Webmaster Account.

  • Inexpensive Content: Matrix Content produces and sells some of the highest quality content available for unbelievably low prices. You just can't go wrong with these guys.

  • Premium Content: David Lace Galleries offers sets of super-high quality image galleries. When you need Playboy level quality images on clean backgrounds for website front-ends this is the place to go.


  Search Engines

    The importance of good search engine ranking cannot be underestimated. In our opinion the most important search engine databases to be in are Google and DMOZ. These two search databases alone direct at least 90% of all Internet Searches.

    • DMOZ.org: The DMOZ database powers the core directory services for the Web's largest and most popular search engines and portals, including Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, and hundreds of others. To add your site to DMOZ go here and follow the instructions very carefully. It is kind of a pain, but well worth the effort.

    • Google.com: Google is by far the most intelligent and most used search interface on the Web. Add your site to Google here. It usually takes 40 days or less for Google to get around to indexing your site. Even though Google uses DMOZ for some of its results it doesn't hurt to apply to Google directly.




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